Independent Verification & Validation

MORI helps organizations answer the questions: Are we building the right system? And, are we building the system right? Through independent verification and validation (IV&V) we verify that processes have been followed and validate whether the end result meets the stated requirements. Our external viewpoint provides an objective assessment in each phase of the development lifecycle to discover and address potential issues before they impact the project and become costly to correct. MORI’s expertise includes IV&V during preproduction as well as continuous monitoring during later operations and maintenance stages.

Our rigorous IV&V methods, based on a combination of metrics, proprietary best practices and tools, and industry best practices, promote systems that deliver business benefits within budget and on schedule. Our certified automated tool administrators and architects have expert knowledge in selecting and implementing a wide range of tools that bring added value to the process. We provide consistent, reliable, and timely support, whether you’re refining existing systems or pursing new development initiatives.

Our independent review, validation, and recommendations during the solicitation phase of the procurement cycle help ensure that vendor evaluation criteria are consistent, metric-based, and clearly articulated in solicitation documents. We consistently apply contractual metrics during our Due Diligence Reviews conducted concurrently with lifecycle phase gate reviews, to track project performance and progress against program success criteria.